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Through the Wall, Night

  I would like to stay in the cool grey background of the movie Night of the Living Dead.   Beyond all the killing, I noticed some beautiful vistas.   I pushed away a slow arm and walked over a small hill.   As the moon rose, my students appeared. The snake moving through the skulls is to be trusted,… Read more →

Go-Go Can

As the sixties passed you by in Berkeley, as we limber-limbed young women tumbled onto madras covered beds with guys who turned us on, did you imagine us awakening in what was left of last night’s clothes, furry-tongued and tousled, smelling of stale dope and sex? As lyrics taunted you, a clumsy economics prof:   I can’t get no … please… Read more →

For the Love of Schnauzers

your heart had risen when I awoke this morning it hung like a dull leaden weight in the sky, flickering when the clouds lifted it illuminated a schnauzer field and it glowed     Image by: Andre Fromont


The night baker bakes The bread. He stirs and kneads The dough Until it is smooth enough To crudely shove Into oven After oven After same same oven. All the same ovens All the same loaves No cakes or pies No icing or fancy frosty letters. Just loaves after loaves For the ducks and the fish. Image by: Jeannie


Thick spike  thick spire inspired  by and large a millennial occurrence  thick pin sharp long pin piercing the sky so high inspired by desire. Thick spire:             A piercing arrow             A landmark             A point of interest             A point of reference             A tourist destination             A photo opportunity             An opportunity to stand on ovation  for the… Read more →