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Why I Do It

  Poems are as simple and infinite as similes. Image by: Pannini

How to See the Moon and Believe it is You

Six shooters of whiskey in bullet shaped glasses tumbling over trembling knees under desks.   Finding your face in between toes pointing east rubbing against each other in shoes, sole worn   The sun doesn’t rise here just sets and sets and sets   and my name only a second hand way to find north.     Image: Public Domain… Read more →

Little, Lit and Left

Walk out and look over the lost moon, the caustic light dim in the murk.   A river deep in the burned morning countryside, smoke standing at the edge of winter.   Rough boys open up the ground to light for warmth Like great men have no evil, only the burning twist.     Image by: H. Koppdelaney

Missing you is like Illinois

My pen stumbles through Illinois, joking with bus stops about coming home. Taking photographs of roadsides (waiting for our skin to appear there). Touching the shifter, tentative as the flat of some field rips holes in the calendars of our together. The ink line of the highway pushing past every smoke-filled morning as Chicago Sticks up its middle finger and… Read more →

Mid-Autumn, Enjoying the Moon

  If the luminous moon were a jade bead, it could be stolen by those with power or position. If the moon’s wheel-light on the water were taken as a pearl, could it reflect on every humble mountain? Poetry of Hyesim Translated by: Ian Haight Image by: Tony Warelius