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  they are all:   dying, we will   know. them by their.   waking; dead will   all they were:   we, dying will   know. us by them. Image by: Cobalt123


— Can I please fucketh you on a stack of Bibles? Let us goeth forth and seeketh that stack of Bibles. Let us proceedeth to various bases. Let us eraseth chalk lines and dismisseth umpires and groundskeepers. Each base, a Bible—thick anchor of holiness. I have never gone forth or fifth into the desert or dessert. Though I have licked… Read more →


  all; the gold, that silence   wins glitter: from pots.   silvers precious, most hearts   will hold: that goods   may be more golden.   as the kid for calf;   than all the aquamarine Image by: Frederic Potet

Though I Have Not Written

  —                           for Johnathan Harvey                          The tops of the city buildings are braced in fog, the night sky cow-poked for blocks and the plains distilled from Des Moines to Chicago. Rooted in concrete, the poplar’s wind-heartened leaves whip at the windowand the white gravel path, littered with goose leavings, blanched and retreating—well, we have seen… Read more →


  they. will winters condense the water;   will not fall, for   30 feet; of girder   40 feet; of water   why, arks weld. to   will not warm the   heart how they will Image by: Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer/…./